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About Us

Guaranteed IrishWe proudly fly the flag as the only Irish manufacturer of Hearing Aids. We are proud to be members of the Guaranteed Irish family, keeping highly skilled technicians employed in Ireland. None of our products are shipped overseas for production or service. Local service, local back up, local support. Read More »



Our Products

Product 1

These are not your grandparents Hearing Aids

These days, it is not necessary for anybody to know that you wear a Hearing Aid. We make the smallest 'Deep Canal' Instruments. More »

Product 2

Discreet Over The Ear (OTE) products

Nearly invisible, these 'thin tube' products leave your Ear Canal open, for a truly natural hearing experience. More »

The discreet hearing solution for people who don't want a hearing aid.

Signia Silk: Innovative ready-to-wear in-the-ear hearing aid expands market reach   New mini hearing aid fits snugly inside most ears Sits comfortably from the very first moment due to innovative silicon sleeves Offers all of the advantages of the primax platform  … Read More »

Do you live with somebody who suffers from poor hearing?

If you live with someone who suffers from poor hearing, then you are suffering too. Do you find yourself having to repeat a lot of things you say? Is your TV turned up too loud? Are you having to relay conversations in noisy situations, just to keep your partner in the… Read More »

The Importance of Hearing Screening

There is growing evidence of the links between age related hearing loss and dementia. Of course, you might think, older people get hearing loss and older people get dimentia, whats the big news? The evidence these days seems to point towards age related hearing loss as… Read More »

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