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Irish Hearing Aids is a Co-Operative of Qualified Hearing Health Professionals, Nationwide.

As Independent Hearing Aid providers based in Dublin and across Ireland, we have always placed the highest value on delivering the very latest hearing aids backed up by consistent aftercare and high quality service. Our Independence allows us to deliver real choice in hearing device technology at outstanding prices. Not just that, your local Irish Hearing Aids Professional lives in your community, and will be available to you when you need back up and support.

You can find your local Professional here.

In it For The Long Term

Most of the professionals that make up the Irish Hearing Aids network have been involved with the hearing aid business for thirty years or more. They are committed professionals qualified to the highest standards delivering hearing healthcare locally across Ireland. If you have any questions, or you would like a hearing test or you are interested in hearing aids in Dublin or across Ireland, call us on 1800 301 335 or book your appointment online now. 

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