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Irish Hearing Aids Partners are Independent Hearing Healthcare Providers, they have no connection to any hearing aid manufacturer. This means that they can provide a hearing aid from any of the best manufacturers available. That is your guarantee that you will be provided with what is best for you, your hearing loss and your lifestyle. Take a look at some of the hearing aid manufacturers we provide below.


Siemens Hearing Aids Ireland

Since 1999, Acoustic Technologies have been distributing Siemens Products in Ireland, and in 2005 we were appointed as the official Irish Distributor for the complete Siemens Hearing Product range.

“Siemens Hearing Aids are carefully created to the exacting standard that our customers require. There is no compromise, no cutting corners. We draw on many years of manufacturing experience and our relationship with local distributors and manufacturers like Acoustic Technologies Ltd. to design Hearing aids that are the most discreet available today.”

Siemens have been manufacturing Hearing Aids since 1910.

Acoustic Technologies are honoured to be chosen as the Irish distributor, it shows Siemens have confidence in our abilities. You can have that confidence too.

See more on the Siemens Hearing Website

Audina Hearing Aids Ireland

Since our foundation in 1995, Acoustic Technologies have been the distributor for Audina Hearing Instruments, Audina are an American Independent Manufacturer of Hearing Aids, and now distributed to over 30 countries worldwide.

Audina, working with Acoustic Technologies, have consistently produced the smallest custom-made hearing aids, that are worn entirely within the ear canal.

‘Think of them as a contact lens, for you ear.

See more on the Audina Website

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