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Why Us

A Fully Qualified Team

The team at Irish hearing Aids includes 9 fully qualified Hearing aid Audiologists and their support teams. It is comforting to know that your hearing care is in good hands, between our audiologists and support staff there is more than 200 years of experience in hearing excellence.

Irish Owned & Run

Irish Hearing Aids is supported by Acoustic Technologies Ltd. Ireland's only hearing aid manufacturer. With full production and service facilities located here in Ireland, you can reap the benefits of having full time repair and technical support staff backing up our local audiological expertise.

The large Multinational chains are all supplied with their hearing instruments through their UK headquarters, consequently all of their repairs, even relatively minor ones, must go to the UK. We regularly hear of people being left without their hearing aids for more than a month at a time.

Irish Hearing aids and Acoustic Technologies are all Irish owned, Independent, Family businesses. There is no multinational ownership or Shareholders bringing any influence on the group. We live and work in your community.

Hearing Professionals You Can Trust

Where you purchase a hearing aid is an important decision.

When you decide to place your trust in a hearing professional make sure that you are dealing with somebody you can rely on, with local back up and expertise.

When you decide to deal with Irish hearing aids, you are making a very wise choice. As you return to us over the years for batteries, cleaning, adjustments, you will meet the same audiologist who will get to know you and your preferences. With the larger multinational companies, you seldom get to see the same person twice.

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