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Cork Audiological Services

Cork Audiological Services provides comprehensive hearing assessment and diagnostic audiological services for both adults and children. From her clinic in South Terrace Medical Centre, diagnostic audiologist Jean Hegarty provides a comprehensive audiological service, with a special interest in tinnitus retraining therapy and adult rehabilitation. Jean also provides a comprehensive paediatric audiological service including assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Jean also provides audiological services through Kerry Hearing Services at the Park Clinic Health & Wellness Centre. 

Jean Hegaty

Jean Hegarty, MBAA, BSA, ISA, MISHAA

Jean is the Chief Audiologist in Cork, working at the Regional Audiology Centre at the South Infirmary Victoria Universtiy Hospital (SIVUH) Cork City. She is currently the only diagnostic audiologist & hearing therapist in Ireland and benefits from over 18 years of experience in audiological assessment, treatment and consultation.


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