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“I could hear ok, if people would only speak clearly.”


“I have most difficulty hearing when there is noise present.”


These comments are among the most common complaints we hear in this industry.

Do you sometimes feel left out? Is your quality of life is being affected by your ability to hear? We are here to help. Read More here about how to hear better.

How We Hear

Would you like a brief description of how your hearing actually works? Read More here

Difficulty Hearing?

Hearing loss is typically not a phenomenon that occurs overnight;  instead it is a very gradual process that occurs over a long span of time. Because it is gradual, the effects of hearing loss may be difficult to recognize. Read more about why we don’t hear

We forget what things sound like to normal hearing individuals and we may begin to find ourselves routinely asking people to repeat themselves during conversations, straining to hear a speaker at a public meeting or a religious service, or having difficulty talking while on the telephone.

A hearing loss is seldom something that you get suddenly, it creeps up on you very slowly over many years. Most people only realise this after several years of unnecessary suffering, and annoying family and friends. Try our easy online hearing test

Studies have shown that people wait, on average, 7 years from the time they begin to realise they have hearing difficulties, to the time they actually do anything about it.

15% of the entire population have a hearing loss that is significant enough to require assistance. This figure rises to 40% for people over 50yrs, and 70% for people over 70yrs. You do not have to suffer on in silence, find out how to hear better

Hearing Damage

Hearing loss is caused by a variety of factors. the most worrying of these is the levels of noise we are exposed to today. Read more about Hearing Damage

Your Next Steps

By coming to our website, you have taken a big step forward. The first step towards better hearing, is the acceptance that you have a hearing loss. Take the next steps with us.


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