Custom In The Ear How to Videos

Here you can find instructional videos on how to insert your hearing aids, keep them clean, and connect them to streaming accessories.

How to insert a custom in the ear hearing aid.

The importance of inserting your hearing aid correctly in your ear canal cannot be overstated. It takes some time to learn how to do it properly, but patience is a virtue in this regard. If the hearing aid is inserted and worn correctly it will deliver the best sound quality for you.

How to remove a custom in the ear hearing aid.

When removing your hearing aid from your ear take care not to pull the aid out with force. This could cause damage to the battery door or faceplate but can also cause abrasion and irritation in the ear canal. Push the back of the ear forward slightly and gently lift the hearing aid up and out of the ear.

How to replace a battery in a custom hearing aid.

Did you know that Zinc Air hearing aid batteries can be recycled ? Most hearing clinics will have a WEEE Recycling collection point for used hearing aid battery disposal.