Headphones and Hearing Loss

Modern technology is great, and has made us more connected with the world , but modern living also has new risks which didn't exist before. Small portable electronics (phones and MP3 players) make listening to music easy, but it can lead to problems.

One of the ways that people acquire hearing loss is from noise exposure. Noise damage to you hearing can happen very quickly or over a long period of time. The louder a sound is the shorter the time that you can safely listen to it. Some really loud sound could potentially damage you hearing immediately. But listening to loud music regularly for long periods of time can damage your hearing over time. This is now easier to do with modern electronics.

Listening to music, audio books or podcasts through headphones could damage your hearing if you listen to them for too long. Your noise exposure adds up over the day. If you want some tips and information about headphones listening, and tips to protect your hearing follow the link below.

Enjoy the Music but Watch the Volume