Insio Charge&Go AX Rechargeable custom in-the-ear hearing aids from Signia and Acoustic Technologies

Enjoy better hearing with discreet custom-made Insio Charge&Go AX Rechargeable in-the-ear hearing aids from Signia and Acoustic Technologies.

Signias new rechargeable Insio Charge&Go AX custom-made hearing aids are tailored to the individual shape of your ear canal to sit discreetly inside your ear. With directional microphone technology they outstanding speech clarity, even in noisy and challenging listening environments.

 When it comes to choosing a hearing aid, you usually have to choose between a custom-made device that sits discreetly inside your ear or a device behind your ears that is perhaps more visible but offers extra high-tech features. These features include hassle-free rechargeability and convenient Bluetooth connectivity to stream phone calls, music and TV audio straight into your hearing aids.

 With rechargeable and Bluetooth-enabled Insio Charge&Go AX hearing aids, the necessity to compromise is a thing of the past. These state-of-the-art devices are built to the individual shape of your ear canal to sit inside your ear. You can choose between two different versions of Insio Charge&Go AX: one that sits in the ear (ITE) and one that sits even more discreetly in the ear canal (ITC). Their small design gives you all-day wearing comfort, while their leading Augmented Xperience audiology platform delivers outstanding speech clarity, even in the most challenging listening environments

Never miss a word again !

 Hearing isn’t always easy, especially when trying to hear a voice with competing sounds in that environment. A group of people talking at the same time, perhaps softly spoken persons, in a room with too much background noise. Sounds can blend together making it impossible to focus on what you really want to hear.

 Augmented Xperience (AX) changes the way you can hear the world. It uses Signias revolutionary Augmented Focus™ technology to split the sound of speech from surrounding sounds, process them separately and at the same time to create a clear contrast. It then recombines them to give you outstanding speech clarity in a fully immersive environment. No more straining to discern speech from competing background noise.

 So much so that 100% of participants in a recent study reported excellent speech understanding in their home environment. The Signia AX platform is even proven to perform better than normal hearing in a tested party scenario. Insio Charge&Go AX also boasts many more innovative high-tech features that allow you to Be Brilliant and connect with your world :

Effortless Contactless Charging

These are the first custom-made hearing aids with contactless charging. No need to balance them on a magnetic holder.  Simply place Insio Charge&Go AX in the Charger without worrying about any exact charging contact, charge them while you rest or sleep, and then go. Signia Chager & Go AX will keep going throughout your day with up to 20 hours of use on a single charge.

Android & iPhone connectivity for calls, music and TV

Insio Charge&Go AX also gives you state-of-the-art Bluetooth connectivity for Android and iOS devices. You can easily stream your phone calls, music and TV audio straight to your custom made hearing aids in high-quality digital sound. You can also connect your hearing aids to the Signia app, which features ground breaking artificial intelligence (AI) via the Signia Assistant.

Signia Assistant – ground breaking AI for your hearing aids

Signia Assistant is Inspired by the way the human brain’s neural network solves challenges. Signia Assistant offers immediate support whenever you need to adjust any settings on your hearing aids, in any situation.

The live deep neural network AI that drives the Signia Assistant has started a revolution in hearing care. It is a living system that continuously learns about your individual needs in specific situations. As a result, 93% of hearing aid wearers have said the Signia Assistant is a meaningful and useful innovation that raises their satisfaction with their hearing aids in difficult listening situations. An overwhelming 87% of wearers would choose hearing aids with such an Artifically Intelligent AI assistant.

 To experience all the advantages of bespoke, custom made Insio Charge&Go AX in-the-ear hearing aids for yourself, simply find one of our audiology partners in your area and book a consultation.