PRSI Hearing Aids

There have been recent changes to the Dept of Social Protection Treatment Benefit Scheme.

Since March 2021 the Department will pay the full cost of a hearing aid up to a maximum of €500 or €1,000 for a pair, once every fourth calendar year.

PRSI Hearing Aid Range

Our MYCORE Range of PRSI Hearing aids are available through our independent hearing aid practice network. This comprehensive entry level range includes rechargeable behind the ear and Custom / Semi Custom in the ear options with a range of wireless streaming accessories.

MYCORE’S Features provide you wit everything you need to hear naturally

Voice Ranger

Voice Ranger maintains a natural loudness of the target voice compared to competing ones so you can have easier one to one conversations in noisy environments.

Intelligent Feedback Preventer

This useful feature indentifies feedback at a high speed so you don’t hear any annoying whistling.

Dynamic Extender

This feature increases the dynamic range of sounds so the signal quality is better. This is especially important when listening to music.