Signia Pure 312 AX

Despite their small size, Signia Pure 312 AX hearing aids feature industry leading Augmented Xperience hearing technology. This gives you outstanding speech clarity, even in noisy situations.

Signia Pure 312 AX give you state-of-the-art Bluetooth connectivity for Android* and iOS devices. So you can easily stream your phone calls, music and TV audio straight to your tiny hearing aids in high-quality sound. You can also connect your Pure 312 AX to the Signia app, which features groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) via the Signia Assistant. Built on the revolutionary Signia Augmented Experience Platform, the Pure 312AX, and Pure 312 AX CROS now completes the Pure AX Portfolio.

**See for handset compatibility **

To find out more about Signia Pure 312 AX and the complete Signia range contact one of our audiology partners in your locality.