The Truth About Custom Hearing Aids

Every few weeks now I hear of somebody being told that custom hearing aids no longer exist. This is simply not true. While custom hearing aids are not as popular as they once were, they still exist and they are quite often the best solution for people.

The reason that people get told custom hearing aids don’t exist is that some retail organizations do not want to support them as they require extra training and better customer service than a lot of ‘off the shelf’ hearing aids that are available today. Custom Hearing aids also require extra appointments and they can not be fitted on the same day as the initial visit because they have to be made for you. This does not suit the larger companies as they want to fit hearing aids quickly.

I will be the first to admit that custom hearing aids are not for everybody with a hearing loss. There are lots of reasons that we would recommend that maybe you should not be fitted with a custom product, but none of the reasons are that they no longer exist. They do exist, and use the same technology as the current over the ear products have.

Custom hearing aids are often better because they are made especially for your ear and hearing loss, and because they are one piece they are usually easier for people to handle. If you have a suitable ear and hearing loss we can also build them really small, so nobody knows that you are wearing them.

Luckily for people that buy hearing aids from our dispensers we manufacture and repair hearing aids in Dublin. We also treat our repairs as a priority and usually return them on the same day. As with all hearing aids we hope that you hear well with them and use them every day, but this means if they break down you will want a fast local service. We work hard to do this here. Because we are doing everything in Dublin we are able to provide a much faster repair time than other hearing aid providers who must send your hearing aids abroad to be repaired (often to the UK or even further).

When you get a custom made product you know that you are getting your specific requirements looked at carefully not only by your hearing aid audiologist, but also by our technicians when we are making the product for you. This also is the case if you are getting a custom mould made for a standard product. When these are made both your audiogram and ear canal impact on what you get at the end.

If you are looking for a custom product and have been told that it doesn’t exist keep looking. There are lots of hearing aid centres that would be more then happy to provide you with a custom product and support that product correctly.