Treatment Benefit Grant

The Department of Social and Family Affairs operate the Treatment Benefit Scheme. Eligible patients and dependant spouses who have full PRSI cover may obtain a grant towards the cost of a hearing aid. This includes contributory pensioners, invalidity pensioners those on disability benefit and their dependant spouses. (Conditions apply.) The grant is available to qualifying non-medical card and medical cardholders alike if they obtain a hearing aid privately. Full details of the eligibility conditions for the grant may be obtained from the department website.

In the case of one hearing aid being required the grant is 50% of the cost up to a maximum of €500. If two hearing aids are required the maximum grant is 50% of the cost up to a maximum of €1,000.

The grant scheme also covers 50% of the cost of hearing aid repairs and earmoulds as required.

The Department lays down conditions for standards of professional care for patients qualifying under the scheme. This covers areas such as the requirement to have an office or practice address which is open to patients during normal business hours for rehabilitation and service, the requirement to have professional indemnity insurance and other standards of care are also laid down. The contract also has control and monitoring provisions with a formal structure for dealing with complaints. Complaints about lack of service and rehabilitation may be addressed under this procedure.