What to do if you hearing aid gets wet

Living in Ireland we are very use to getting wet. Unfortunately hearing aids do not like getting wet as they are an electronic device. Sometimes if just happens though.

Whether you are just out for a walk or you have to see your grandchild’s football or rugby game, the rain can come with little or no warning. If you do get your hearing aid wet there are things that you can do to help dry it out, but there are also things that you could do that could destroy your hearing aid as well. The article in the below link gives you a few options of things to do, and a couple of warning of what not to try as well.

I would also suggest that you send the hearing aid back to the manufacture shortly after it gets wet for them to check, even if it is working. We have seen too many hearing aids that have continued to work after they were wet, but the electronics are starting to rot away because of moisture left in the aid.

What to Do if Your Hearing Aids Have Gotten Wet