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Hurley Opticians, 9 Market St, Cloghmacsimon, Bandon, Co. Cork

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Company History

Audivox is an Irish owned, family run business with over 30 years’ experience in supplying Hearing Aids to the Hearing Impaired in the Munster Region. Throughout Munster we offer a combination of value for money and a great service to provide great value hearing aids in the South of Ireland.

‘Audivox’ translated into English means ‘Hear the voice.’ A simple and clear target we use every day when fitting hearing aids for our clients. We Help you hear the voice. A common complaint for anyone suffering from hearing loss is: “I know people are talking but I can’t hear their voice”.

“A lack of clarity” can be another way to describe hearing loss. At Audivox we focus on clarity. Pure and simple we want you to “hear the voice”

Hearing Healthcare Services

At Audivox we offer the following hearing healthcare services:

  • FREE Hearing Test
  • Hearing Protection
  • Hearing Aid Fitting
  • Hearing Aid Servicing
  • Hearing Aid Batteries

Free Hearing Test

The purpose of a hearing test is to determine if you have a hearing loss, and how mild or severe it is. At Audivox we offer a Free Hearing Test so that we can advise you on whether hearing aids are a suitable solution for you. We will show you the best options for you and guide you through the process of wearing hearing aids successfully.

Our Professional Team

A family business with roots in the local community and 25 locations across Munster, Audivox is an alternative to the larger international companies. Audivox strives towards providing you with value and helping you to “hear the voice” in a straightforward, affordable and friendly manner.