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McGreals Pharmacy, The Annex, Main Street, Blessington, Co Wicklow

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Company History

Justine hails from South Africa and has worked extensively in the public and private sector, both there and in the United Kingdom. She is equipped to screen hearing from birth to age 3 and to provide diagnostic assessments from age 3 years old and upwards.
She prides herself in providing a full and comprehensive audiology service.

Hearing Healthcare Services

At Lakeside Audiology we offer the following services :

  • full diagnostic hearing assessment that includes checking of the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. Tests also include a full case history and speech testing and will be done in a Sound- proof booth as recommended by the Health Professions council.

  • Monitor middle ear infections in children

  • Assess for Auditory processing disorder

  • Provide hearing aids that range from entry level to advanced in their technology and capabilities for both adults and children. Hearing aids are verified using advanced equipment called Real ear measures so that people are fitted according to their own needs.

  • Rehabilitation following the fitting of hearing aids

  • Hearing screening in schools

  • Provide custom made noise and swim protection

  • Micro-suction ear wax removal.

    Contact McGreals Opticians and Hearing Centre to make and appointment for a free hearing test with Justine 045 865 732 or book online HERE. www.mcgreals.ie

Free Hearing Test

Hearing tests are painless and non-invasive. The purpose of a hearing test is to determine if you have a hearing loss, and how mild or severe it is. At Lakeside Audiology we offer a full comprehensive hearing assessment so that we can advise you further.