Pure Charge&Go AX

Augment your hearing experience

Signia Pure Charge&Go AX offer an unprecedented hearing experience that goes beyond previous natural hearing solutions. Signia calls this - Augmented Hearing - which strives to deliver outstanding speech clarity with an amazing immersive soundscape, in any given listening situation. These high tech devices use the ground breaking Augmented Xperience platform. It is inspired by the same principles used in 3D Movies, where key speech appears directly in front of you while the background noise remains behind. This is possible due to the use of two separate processors: One for sounds in focus like a loved ones voice, and the other which processes background sounds.

Prescription Audio that Performs

Pure C&G AX are packed with all the high-tech features you need, such as bluetooth streaming for your phone calls and music from both Android and iOS devices. Built in advanced tinnitus therapies also make life easier and can make tinnitus more comfortable. These sleek modern looking hearing aids are also rechargeable, giving up to 36 hours of use on a single charge with 5 hours streaming. They come with a compact charger with an optional Dry&Clean Charger also available.

Immerse yourself in outstanding speech clarity

Signia has developed revolutionary processing technology which offers you the best speech understanding, including a natural sounding own voice thanks to OVP Own Voice Processing. Advanced sensor technology recognises if you are moving, and detects which hearing situation you are in automatically. This ensures that you always experience the best possible sound as you move through your day. The Pure C&G AX Range connects to the Signia Assistant and Telecare through the Signia App.

Both the standard and Telecoil versions of Pure Charge&Go AX are available in a range of colours to suit every preference.